Maria’s Historical Tours

Hydra is a special place. You feel it the moment you lay your eyes on the mansions that outline the waterline. When you walk on the cobblestones, the noise of the crowds echoes whilst you get lost in the alleys! Art, history, and architecture integrate here making this island unique. Our desire is to take you on a relaxed stroll, to link the history of Greece and of the island to your surroundings. We explore piracy, trade, the War of Independence. We talk about the prime ministers and navy generals that were born here, about the artists that fell in love with Hydra and made it their home. Your local tour guide will be Maria, born and raised in Hydra.

Maria has a bachelor ‘s degree from the Historical and Archaeological university of Athens, a certification in cultural management and a master’s degree in Methodology of critique and publication of historical and archival sources. Maria is passionate about the history of Hydra!

Tour Highlights

Miaouli’s statue, Hydra’s Museum, Artexhibitions, 18th century mansions, Leonard Cohen’s street, Historical squares, Loren’s mill. • Typical walk duration is 1 to 1.5 hours. • We also arrange private walks.

For more information Maria Voulgari at: +30 6976 901 736 maria-voulgari@hotmail.com www.hydrawalkingtours.com