On 16-18 November 2018, a special event will take place in Hydra. SWIMRUN HYDRA is a dynamic and different competition with constant alternation between swimming and running on and off-road routes. The athletes participate in pairs and in combination with the exciting track provided by the island, it is undoubtedly a unique experience! It is worth noting that the event, which will be held for the first time in Greece, will include Hydra among the SwimRun destinations of the world! For detailed information on participation go to: www.swimrunhydra.gr



Going back to history through an historical representation

Going back to history… through a historical representation! Hydra becomes the hot-spot of Greece during the last weekend of June. A representation of the “Sea Battle of Geronta” takes place, honoring Andrea Miaoulis, one of the bravest Greek admirals who inspired, gave strength and was a true leader, during the 1821 battles. He was the one who lead his fellow fighters from Hydra to set on fire one of the Turkish frigates. Fireworks, music, traditional dances, sport competitions accompany this event making it a three day celebration period and a part of the “Navy Week”.

The festival lasts for three days and it is a part of the “Navy Week”.During Miaoulia one can see custom dances and sports among the others.


Hydra is a great destination for your Easter holidays.

The unique traditional custom of placing the sepulchral in the sea-waters at the port of Kamini (only 15 minute walk from Hydra port) is a scene renowned and shown worldwide on the Friday of the Holly week. This is a tradition kept for many years, in order to bless the waters for all the seamen. Kamini port is crowded by locals and visitors who want to take photos and videos of this distinctive event. A later gathering of 4 sepulchral at the main port Hydra and in front of the cathedral follows, creating another traditional and colorful scene. On Saturday night (‘Big Saturday’) people gather around the churches and the island is light up by the candles and fireworks. On Sunday another traditional event takes place at the entrance of the port. Locals, dressed with old, traditional costumes light up Judas in order to ‘punish’ him for betraying Jesus using old guns. Impressive custom made fireworks follow in order to celebrate the end of the Holy week. In order to experience and watch these customs, be prepared to book your tickets and accommodation early as the island is so popular during Easter.



Some sports journalists characterise the event as the a National Championship and this could be for a good reason. All the major Greek mountain running athletes compete in the paths of Hydra, which is also accompanied by the participation of several entries from abroad. Athletes enjoy a unique combination of sea and mountain running in unique trails and paths. Moreover, this is a great chance for them to get to know the island of Hydra with its endless hospitality which is most obvious at the finish line where locals create an “explosive” atmosphere! The 2-day program includes: 1. A unique downhill race (the only one in Greece): Starting- Historic monastery of Pr. Elias at an altitude of 500 meters with the finish line at the port of Hydra (zero altitude). The athletes test their speed in technical terrain of 3.8 km. 2. 1km race for children. 3. Run and fun: urban 5km race (city trail). Competitors running know the particular architectural urban fabric of the island . 4. The standard Pasta Night, with live music, a wonderful place by the sea. 5. 10 km Rock race (mountain running, on a variety of trails and paths). It is a mini version of the big race with positive altitude of 520m and is aimed primarily at young runners. 6. Eros mountain trail, the great ‘struggle’ of 25,6km , designed for the fans of mountain running with high altitude and difficult technical trails. The route passes through the highest peak of the island, “Eros” at 588m above sea level. It is a unique worldwide trail as the athletes witness rare breathtaking sea views. The fourth Hydra’s Trail Event was successfully held on the 8-9 April 2017 weekend. For more information visit the website: www.hydrastrail.gr



Κάθε χρόνο την τελευταία Κυριακή της αποκριάς πραγματοποιείτε το Υδραίικο καρναβάλι. Με πρώτους το βασιλιά καρνάβαλο, τη νύφη και το γαμπρό (από τον αποκριάτικο γάμο), η πομπή των ξέφρενων μασκαράδων (“τα μουσκάρια”) ξεκινά από την πλατεία Βότση, έχοντας πίσω της πλήθος κόσμου. Περιδιαβαίνει τα στενά του οικισμού ξεσηκώνοντας τον κόσμο και καταλήγει στην πλατεία της «Ξερής Ελιάς». Εκεί κρεμιέται ο βασιλιάς καρνάβαλος μέσα σε χορούς και ξέφρενα καρναβαλικά γλέντια.


Festive events organized by the Municipality at the end of August, honoring the First President of the Greek Republic, Hydra Admiral Paul Kountourioti. This is a six-day festivity, with museum tours, exhibitions, cinema plays, lectures and sporting events.


Characterized as a major event that takes part on March 25 and opens the yearly sailing competition, as a huge number of open air sailing boats terminate at the port of Hydra. This is called the “Race of Hydra” and every year attracts the sea and sailing lovers.


Hydra Island is the location where the international Rempetiko conference takes place every October. Ed Eremy, a Rempetiko music lover and researcher, leads and organizes this conference, inviting major scientists and musicians from all over the world. Rempetiko is a very traditional urban folk Greek kind of music/dance being born during the 60s and has been increasing its popularity gradually. The major instrument that accompanies this kind of music is the bouzouki which characterizes the Greek customs in all major celebrations and events.