The wild beauty of the island could only be combined with small dreamy bays, grey rocks with caves and pebble beaches – masterpieces of nature with beautiful sea waters.


While you enter the port of Hydra and on your right hand side you will see the famous rocks of Spilia, that attract swimmers every year. Easy access by foot. The nearby area offers food & drink facilities.


Another rocky area just a few minutes away. Follow the steps and dive in the deep crystal clear waters. Have a nice cocktail enjoying the amazing sunset at the cafe-bar that is located in between the rocks.



Avlaki is a small pebble beach just 10 minutes walk from the port of Hydra. You will have to descend some steps to access this area, but you will be able to enjoy a pleasant swim.



This is an organized beach nearby Kamini. Accessed by sea taxi, boat or a 15-20 minute walk from Hydra. This small beach has cafe and restaurant facilities nearby.



Another organized beach with grey pebbles, where one can also enjoy lunch, drinks or even stay overnight. Sea taxis & boats (5 min.) can transfer you to Vlychos but one can also enjoy a 40 coastline minute walk.



Just 7 minutes away (via boat) from Hydra’s main harbour, one can find Plakes beach with tranquil emerald waters and magnificent mountain views. Overnight stay and food facilities are also offered in Plakes. Εasy access via sea boats/taxis.



Mandraki is an sand beach with easy access via sea boats/taxis and within walking distance (20-30 minutes) from Hydra main port. The nearby area offers food & drink facilities. or even stay overnight.



Located in the South of Hydra, Bisti beach is renowned for its turquoise waters and its unique natural scenery, as it is surrounded by a pine tree forest. It is a breathtaking beach for scuba diving. Access is available only by sea taxis and excursion boats, offering regular service.


Ag. Nikolas

On the other side of the island and facing the Aegean Pelagos sea, Agios Nikolaos offers one of the biggest pebbled beaches in Hydra with crystal clear waters. It is an organized beach, ideal for swimming and sunbathing. The only access to Agios Nikolaos is by boat or sea taxis with frequent transports, so expect this location to be synonymous with the natural environment.


Deserted beaches for lovers of isolation!


Molos bay is located towards the south of the island, after Palamidas area and is accessed only by sea taxi. A small pebbled quiet beach. Kaoumithi
Α secluded beach that is surounded by a pine tree forest and accessed only by sea. Kaoumithi is a pebbled beach but you can find a few small spots covered with nice red sand.



A tranquil pebbled beach located on the eastern side of the island that can be accessed by sea or by foot (for the hikers).


Another small beach on the eastern side of the island which can be accessed via sea or by foot (or even by donkey ride).



A pleasant bay facing the northeast side of the island, near the ‘Seal Cave’ area and is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches of Hydra. You can dive and relax enjoying the peaceful environment. Accessible only by sea.