An unforgettable experience! A small place, cosmopolitan & romantic … ideal to host the wedding of your dreams! Under the sun, next to the sea, with a sunset at the back or hidden in the picturesque alleys of the island, there is a chapel that will become the starting point of your new life. White, simply decorated and with the islands unique beauty, it awaits you. For the romantics, for the lovers of tradition and for those who want to remember their special moments forever, Hydra is the ally.

The good friends always arrive a day earlier so what better than to greet them and have a coffee at the harbor, During the night, an early drink at one of Hydras quaint bars is considered a must for the day ahead. The big day has arrived so being relaxed and cool, you can head towards the church by foot, boat or even with the help of a small donkey!!! After the wedding party you can finish the night with a few drinks at the bars and get prepared for more fun the following day as your friends and relatives will probably still be at the island. The Hydriots will do their best to help you as they are characterized by their hospitality.