Only a few hours away from Athens, Hydra, for many is the ideal island for a weekend escape and yet two days are not enough to experience the island in its whole. Although small, Hydra can provoke intense emotions, as long as you allow it!


Historic city tour

With such glorious history, deeply interwoven with its art, Hydra hosts many unique cultural treasures and works of art. For those who are thirsty for knowledge, a tour of the most important cultural sites of the island will fascinate you!

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Horse Trekking

Since you have selected a destination that prohibits vehicles, what’s more exciting than substituting them with horses! You can make short trips along the coastline or slightly longer trips to the mountainous parts of the island. There, in the natural landscape of unparalleled beauty, the most beautiful monasteries and chapels of the island await you to discover them.


Sea tour

One of the most attractive aspects of the island is its blue sea and the idea of a boat trip in its serene waters. Discover the hidden beaches of the island and allow yourself a few moments of relaxation, gazing at the sunset with soft music and a glass of wine!
Get to know the hidden and unparalleled beautiful beaches of our island whilst travelling in comfort, enjoying the excellent amenities of our boat, and enjoy the sea via activities that you will never forget!



A simple but exciting experience, with the help of a guide, gives you the opportunity to discover the natural beauty and the secrets of the island beyond its settlement.


Scuba diving

Much like the land, the sea also has its secrets! For fans of the wet element, wandering around the bottom of the Argosaronic Gulf is a must!

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