Friends and Visitors, with great pleasure we are proud to introduce to you, Hydraview. This edition is created in order to provide you with some interesting information for your visit and stay at the cosmopolitan Island of Hydra. Only 1.5 hours from Piraeus port, Hydra is an ideal destination for a short or long term stay, a destination where, no cars, no stress or anxiety exist. Loads of events all year round and relaxing summer holidays can definitely be a good reason to visit and stay in Hydra, a very welcoming Greek traditional Island. As the boat reaches the picturesque port of Hydra, you might have already understood that you are about to have a unique experience. A location full of inspiration and creativeness that has for many years attracted visitors from around the world is ready to be unrevealed to you.



Hydra is one of the very few destinations that has kept its identity unharmed.
Hydra town is a stone build amphitheatrically town being surrounded by mountains and cliffs. The unique architecture that characterizes the buildings, the harmony of colors and the imposing old mansions can win the heart of every visitor at first sight.

The main characteristic of the island is the lack of vehicles making it a delight to discover the narrow cobble-stoned pathways by foot or with the help of donkeys and horses. Hydra is considered to be one of the most interesting architectural areas of Greece as the majority of the houses are stone build. Today the local habitants are fewer than 3.000 and their main source of business is tourism. At the early stages of spring the Island is crowded with tourists, visitors, celebrities, artists who all walk along the port taking photos of the picturesque port, the houses, the old canons and the colorful flowers found amongst the graphical allays.



It is evident that the island was first inhabited around 1700-1100 BC and some ruins of that civilization were found within Vlychos. In most recent years and around the 15th century, Albanians that wanted to escape from the Othomans gathered in the island.

Since then on, lots of wealthy and powerful families such as those of Kountourioti, Tombazi, Vokou, Miaouli found shelter in Hydra, away from the brutal war attacks that suffered the nation. Those who lived in the island were really interested in education and thus the first naval school/academy of Greece was created during 1745 in Kamini area.

The night of 27th-28th March was a highly important date as it was then when the people of Hydra came together in order to commence a revolution.  Hydra soon became the main naval base of Greece and Lazaros Kountouriotis led Hydras ships alongside with other ships from the Greek naval force.